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Help preserve the largest ecosystem on earth for all the wonderful marine wildlife who inhabit it and for our future generations. Make waves with us by educating yourself on how to help save our oceans using the links below. Reading this was your first step. Why not go one further?


Support Hope spots

Dr. Sylvia Earle and her nonprofit Mission Blue are leading a global campaign to protect the oceans through 130+ "Hope Spots" and counting. Head over to Mission Blue to learn how you can help.

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learn with noaa

Become more ocean literate through NOAA's wealth of educational resources for learning in the classroom or at home.


protect coral reefs

Discover the Coral Reef Ecology Curriculum (high school and lower grades) by the Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation to learn about coral ecosystems, their stewardship, and broader STEAM concepts.

advocate through art

The annual international art contest by Living Oceans Foundation is now inviting students 11-19 years old to illustrate how coral reefs can be protected using a ridge to reef approach to conservation.

Featuring winning art by Anish Aradhey, USA, 2020.


keep our coasts clean

Join local beach clean ups, or even just commit to taking 3 pieces of trash with you every time you visit the beach.

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